Manitoba is a state in center Canada, bordering Ontario in the east and Saskatchewan in the west, north on Hudson Bay and south on the US. It is the fifth most populous state in Canada. The largest city in the state of Manitoba is the capital Winnipeg with a population of about 780,000 people. The second largest city of this state is Brandon with a population of about 53,000 people.

One of the three provinces in center Canada, Manitoba attracts a large number of international students because of special incentives not found elsewhere, most notably the 60% tuition refund program and Canadian settlement policy after 6 months of work.

Manitoba has become an ideal place to study in Canada for those who want to save money and increase their opportunities to work and settle in a beautiful and progressive country of maple leaves. In particular, this is the province with 95% employment rate, the highest in the country. Skilled graduates will have many options for their career.